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Making a difference with our broad knowledge and experience in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Quality improvement

The quality of their coffee is an important priority for Starbucks. In order to further improve the quality they decided to upgrade one of their coffee roasting machines. This would give them more control over the quenching of the beans, which is a key part of the roasting process.

technical support

Technical support

Starbucks approached Verhoef Service Engineering to install and commission the new parts within the coffee roasting machine. However despite the new parts, there were still issues. Namely the roasting process did not match the perimeters they had programmed.

Verhoef quickly recognised the problem. It wasn’t in the new parts or in the programming, but it was with the pipes for the water supply of the installation. 

A broader perspective

So we made a plan for Starbucks to rectify this problem and improve the piping in such a way that the coffee roasting machine would get sufficient water to work the way they wanted it to. Starbucks has since had Verhoef Service Engineering upgrade their other coffee roasting machines aswell.

Because of our broad knowledge and experience in electrical and mechanical engineering we were able to look at the problem in a broader perspective and come up with a solution.

What the client says

“Thanks very much! Thanks again for all the help including the extra hours last week, it was a good team effort.”

Starbucks Engineering Team