We provide the best technical and service solutions for your machines.

The complete package Outsource your Field Engineering

With a wide range of expertises and more than 20 years of experiences, our team of specialist engineers ensures we can provide the best service solution for your machines. 

Service Engineering

Machine Maintenance

Malfunctions and machine failures cause unwanted and sometimes unnecessary impact to your business.

The primary goal of Service Engineering is to minimize the downtime of machines and installations in a cost-efficient manner. Depending on factors as the location, the machine and the part this machine plays within your business, there are a number of different approaches to VSE can offer to help prevent downtime:

  • Maintenance and reliability engineering
  • Planned inspection and maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance 
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance and repairs
  • Upgrades and modifications to improve reliability and durability

For machine manufacturers and owners.

Verhoef provides Service Engineering for both machine manufacturers and owners. 

As an owner and operator of a machine you can run into all kinds of situations where the manufacturer will or can no longer provide maintenance of your machine. Maybe they don’t have the capacity to do so, or maybe the manufacturer has even closed his business.

In any case, Verhoef Service Engineering will always work with you to maximise the uptime and lifespan of your machines in a cost efficient way. we pride ourselves on working around the needs of customers. Avoiding disruption and making sure things continue to work smoothly is key.

Reducing downtime at GLS

The machines and installations used for the logistical processes in a number of GLS’s logistics centres experienced regular failures and downtime. But the manufacturer of the machines did not provide support and maintenance for these machines anymore. So GLS was looking for a technical partner to solve their machine problems.

Mechanical Engineering

New and existing installations

To create new technical solutions or maintain and improve existing installations, Verhoef offers Mechanical Engineering services:

  • Machine design
  • 3D- modeling
  • Mechanical calculations
  • Machine overhaul and repairs


Custom made solutions

Verhoef Service Engineering is able to offer mechanical repairs and overhauls to meet the demands of each individual customer. Furthermore we have a reputation for thinking out of the box and can offer advice for improvements and/or preventative care for mechanical systems.

Working closely with our in-house metalworking service, we have the ability to provide custom made parts and invent and design new solutions using a 3D design process.

Helping out Starbucks with machine modifications

The quality of their coffee is an important priority for Starbucks. In order to further improve the quality they decided to upgrade one of their coffee roasting machines. This would give them more control over the quenching of the beans, which is a key part of the roasting process.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical requirements

Verhoef Service Engineering provides support with electrical problems and always strives to follow the latest technological advancements within the trade. Our extensive network of contacts enables us to provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Installation technology
  • Design calculations
  • Installation, calibration and commission of electrical components.

We work with an experienced team of engineers and have a working knowledge of power distribution, control and instrumentation and frequency inverters.

This way we can not only communicate effectively with your designated electrical contractor and machine manufacturers, but we are also able to recognise and solve problems quickly.


Metal Working

Custom made solutions

With its own design- and metalworking department, Verhoef Service Engineering has the capability to quickly produce top quality customized parts in house. Our extensive network of specialist suppliers provides us with a large production capacity in a wide range of materials and production techniques. 

This enables us to create high quality custom solutions and work around long lead times of parts. 


What the client says

“Thanks very much! Thanks again for all the help last week, it was a good team effort.”

Automation Engineering

Machine programming

Verhoef Service Engingeering has knowledge of and experience with a variety of software programs and machine components including:

  • Siemens
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Mitsubishi
  • Omron
  • Hitachi

We provide maintenance and fine tuning of PLC’s, frequency converters and servo controls. We can even revise or completely replace machine controls if needed. 

This enables us to fix recurring problems with the controls, change the settings of a machine for quality or safety improvements and in some cases even extend the life of your machine.

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